Daily Fantasy Golf: The Masters

Posted by JKD on April 9, 2014



For me, this weekend is the first one, every year, when it really starts to feel like spring.  Baseball is off and running, and no matter what the weather is like where you live, it seems like it is always beautiful out in Augusta.  The PGA season really gets started with The Masters, the first major championship of the year, always the best field of the year so far, and almost always a test of nerves that comes down to the back nine on Sunday.  And in honor of the gravitas of the event, DraftKings is taking the opportunity to up the ante on the daily fantasy golf season as well.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Pickups: Early Season Decisions

Posted by JKD on April 9, 2014


See, there are so many reasons to be excited that baseball season is back: it means warm weather and beer and hot dogs, and celebrity softball games getting us pictures like the one above.  And, of course, it means daily fantasy baseball.  You can decide if that’s more or less exciting than the warm beer, stale hot dog buns and salty peanuts, but I won’t make you decide if it is more exciting than celebrity softball.  Let’s just say she can be in my fantasy, um, lineup, anytime.

Daily NCAA Basketball: March Millions

Posted by JKD on March 25, 2014


The first couple rounds of the NCAA tourney are behind us, but the best weekend of the whole tournament might be the one kicking off Thursday night at 7:15.  The rounds of 16 and then 8 start to see the cream rise to the top, the best no longer just facing off against lesser opponents… and along with this increase in the intensity of the games, the daily fantasy college basketball action is heating up as well.

Fantasy Basketball Pickups: Yes, The NBA Is Also Playing This Weekend

Posted by JKD on March 19, 2014


First things first – there is a TON of daily college basketball action available at DraftKings this weekend, so no worries, there’ll be plenty of games to watch anxiously even after your shot at a billion ends sometime Thursday afternoon.  Basically, because your brackets aren’t enough, go ahead and get after it (and believe you me, we’ll be making it even more clear how awesome this is next weekend… you know, once your entire bracket is busted).  But while everyone else’s mind is on the college game, you can also just sharpen your focus on the NBA and take advantage of your college-hoops-distracted competition in all our still-fantastic daily fantasy action going on at the pro level.